What is CodeTutor about?

Professional programming tutors for children are available through Code Tutor. We believe that you should “catch them young” by exposing children to coding so they become computer savvy. Children become what they are frequently exposed to.

TechClub by CodeTutor

TechClub by CodeTutor is designed in partnership with CafeOne to equip kids and teenagers with technology skills, offering them the right and early exposure into the world of technology.

CodeTutor 2022 Summer Coding Class

CodeTutor summer coding class is a 4-week programme that starts August 1, 2022 and ends August 26, 2022.

The Topics to be covered include:

  • Game development with Scratch
  • Mobile App development with MIT app Inventor
  • Web development
  • Block Based Programming
  • Software Development

Services we offer

What we offer helps you develop creativity and curiosity while learning how to code.

Recorded coding courses

Why CodeTutor?

By teaching programming to children at a young age, CodeTutor is enabling them to develop their creativity and curiosity while learning how to code.
 It will help students be imaginative, persistent, and critical thinkers in addition to teaching them the fundamentals of coding or software development. Most significantly, it will improve their math abilities.
Since it began operations on February 28, 2018, Code Tutor has sought to raise the proportion of children in Nigeria who know how to code, creating a new generation of thinkers who can use technology to solve problems in the economy.

What people say about us!

Thanks so much! My daughter loved the first class and I am looking forward to the upcoming classes!

Valilant Adams

Happy parent

It is no exaggeration to say that code tutor experience was transformative, both professionally and personally. The program with Code Tutor  will long remain a high point of my life.

Kelly Joe


Code Tutor’s service and customer support makes the experience with them refreshing. The Instructor I was matched with was great.


Stella Alba


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