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CodeTutor makes technology skills and education accessible to anyone, anywhere on the globe regardless of age, location and occupation. We teach anyone from age 5 how to code and apply technology in transforming their lives and communities.

With our private coding classes, anyone from age 5 can have a personal instructor assigned to teach them how to code and maximize technology from their desired location.

Through our weekend technology clubs we train kids and teenagers how to code and apply technology in proffering solutions to everyday challenges.

At CodeTutor, we believe in the power of technology to change the world. We also believe that every one should be able to read, write and code. Learning to code can transform your life and open you up to an entire world of possibilities. Learn about smart ways that technology can improve your life and career today. Sign up for any of our programs today!


To create a prosperous future for every human by leveraging on the power of technology.


To equip every human being with the digital and technology skills needed to create a prosperous future


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Our Services

Private coding classes

You can request a tutor to come teach you or your kids how to code at your own schedule and convenience. Request now

Weekend Technology Club

Kids and teenagers from age 7 can enrol for any of our weekend technology clubs where they can learn how to code, robotics, game development, app development and other technology solutions. Learn more

After-school Tech club

We work with primary and secondary schools to teach their students about technology and coding.


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