Design School Program

The Graphics Design Foundation course will equip learners with the skills needed to kick start their journey as a professional graphics design. The program is designed to take participants from zero to pro!

Would you like to learn a skill with which you can earn income globally?
Would you like to be financially independent?
Would you like to get ahead in your career?
Would you like to work in the organization of your dreams?
Would you like to be your own boss?

If yes, then the Design School is the perfect program for you!

See for yourself

See what some of the previous participants of the program had to say about their experience in the video below.

Introducing the Design School Program

More than ever before, there is a surge in the demand for digital and technology skills like Graphics Design and Product Design across the globe. In a Post-COVID world where individuals, organizations and institutions are battling for the digital space with their products and services. There is no better time for young people to gain these in-demand digital skills and tap into the unlimited possibilities and potentials that comes along with the skills.


The graphics design foundation course will equip participants with key skills and knowledge including:

  • How Design fundamentals
  • How to Design with Canva
  • Design with Photoshop
  • How to Design with Adobe Illustrator
  • How to design with Adobe Illustrator
  • How to setup your own graphics design business
  • How to get jobs as a graphics designer both locally and internationally
  • How to attract paying clients for your work

Program Duration

The program will run for 4 weeks Monday - Friday.

Location - Virtual

All classes are live and instructor led on a virtual platform

Program Cost - NGN 100,000

NGN 100,000 (Partial scholarships available)
Partial scholarships available (Up to 50% scholarship)

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