Without a doubt, one of the best ways for kids to improve their problem-solving abilities is through coding. When a lesson is taught using a play-based approach, every child has the ability to understand it quickly; in other words, when something is fun it is easy to understand. Kids are more eager to participate and frequently think the lesson will stick in their minds. Here are some ideas for attracting kids’ interest in coding.

Introduction of toys: Toys like Legos, Mechanix, K’nex, Magnetic tiles and other creative playthings are the finest approach to encourage kids’ creativity. Ways toys are created and designed can be explained to kids based on their age. It will improve their capacity for logic, observation, creativity, and reasoning. They can therefore learn the basics of programming.

Teach coding via websites or apps: There  are websites and apps designed to teach kids coding combining bright graphics and block code that can make the learning less overwhelming.

Hands-on activities: Hands-on activities are an excellent way to teach coding principles. For example, a simple robot kit can be used to teach children how to program a robot to move, turn, and respond to sensor inputs.

Animations: Cartoons and animation are common among kids. We can teach them how to use coding to produce their own animations. With the help of programs like Scratch or more complex ones like Python, they can learn how to make simple animations.

Use of coding games: Minecraft, Roblox, Algorithm City, and AlgoRun are a few examples of coding games that stimulate the curiosity of kids in programming. These coding games often have a goal to achieve while instructing kids on different coding theories. These games should be downloaded to our phones to begin the numerous missions and levels of difficulties because it introduces kids to various coding elements in a fun way.

Learning becomes exciting and engaging for kids when they are taught to code in a fun approach.  As parents, we have to try out different approaches to determine which is most effective for our kid.

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