In a digital era where technology is becoming a key driver for every aspect of human lives, the importance of educating kids about technology cannot be overemphasized.

Equip your kids for digital success this summer at the Richmond Estate Summer Coding Program by At summer coding classes, participating kids will learn how to create their own games, mobile apps, websites, and other tech products while also learning how to apply technology to solving real-life problems.

Program Details

Venue: Richmond Gate Estate


  • Junior Category (Ages 7 – 12) 
  • Senior Category (Ages 13 – 17)

Learning Outcomes

Junior category – upon completion of classes, kids will be able to build games and animation with scratch. They will also be able to develop a mobile app with mobile app inventor

Senior Category – upon completion of classes, learners will be able to build websites with HTML, CSS and WordPress. 

Students will demonstrate and present the solutions they create to their parents at the Demo Day event on Saturday 30th August 2019


  • Junior Category : 9 am – 1pm daily
  • Senior Category  – 2pm – 5pm daily



Interested individuals can register here