Being educated and having a broad know-how base is vital to individuals because it increases knowledge, which is the remedy for ignorance. This helps one to get ready for the unknown future. 

Educating a child gives him/her a solid foundation to grow. It helps develop a child’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional skills, while preparing such a child for likely challenges in the future. Kids are curious to learn (know) from an early age. They are in no way comparable to adults in terms of their level of curiosity. 

A child needs to learn a range of things outside of the classroom in order to be prepared for the ever-changing world. Getting your kids comfortable with technology will boost their self-esteem and help them learn anything better. Whatever happens, technology will always be around. It will only continue to advance on several levels. To succeed in all areas of learning now and in the near future, children need to be digitally literate.

Digital literacy provides children with knowledge, skills, and attitudes that prepare them for life in an increasingly digital environment. It helps kids become self-sufficient learners more quickly. The following are the top ten tech skills that every child should master today in order to flourish in the digital space:

Online safety:

As parents, we must educate our children about internet safety. It is important to teach kids that the internet contains a wide range of content, but there are some things they should be aware of in order to stay safe online. Installing the most recent software and app updates, enabling 2-step verification (2SV), password managers, backup data, and other similar practices are the best practices for being safe online.

Internet & google search:

The Internet can be extremely beneficial to children. They can use the internet to research school reports, communicate with teachers and other students, play interactive games, and access age-appropriate apps, books, and videos. With the increasing availability of online content, children must understand how to use internet search effectively to find appropriate quality sources for their assignments. Safe search engines for children include fact monster, kiddle, kidtopia, kidzsearch, and many others.


Knowing how to use presentation software can help students make school work more enjoyable, engaging, and interesting. They can demonstrate their learning and gain valuable skills for further learning and their future career, whether it is for practice or to reach a real audience. It aids in the development of effective communication skills in children. Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides are the most widely used presentation software.

Word processing:

Learning to use word processing tool is an essential skill for children. The ability to successfully create, edit, and save written work at school using a computer will benefit them not only as children, but also as adults. Knowing what tools are needed and how to use these tools will make the process more bearable for them. Microsoft Word and Google Docs are examples of popular word processing software.


This is a tech skill that encourages both creative and mathematical thinking in kids. It aids the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills in children. The hard and soft abilities that enable academic accomplishment are developed in kids who learn to code.


Kids tend to pick up quickly, and they sometimes have imaginations that adults find difficult to understand. Design is an excellent area for children to experiment and contribute in an inspiring way. They can use their ingenuity to come up with original ways to improve the quality of their daily lives. It is beneficial to allow kids to use design tools to express their creativity.
Robotics: In today ’s tech age, automation plays a significant role. Hence, it’s essential that kids are ready for what’s approaching. Robotics is a key skill for children to acquire. This helps them gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of programming as well as its application. Schools has begun to develop programs that will incorporate robotics into their educational system based on the benefits of robotics in the classroom.

Artificial Intelligence:

Many tasks are becoming more digital as technology advances. We’re getting used to artificial intelligence (AI), and our children will be fully dependent on it. Children need to learn about artificial intelligence because technology is becoming a more significant part of our daily lives. This helps students develop critical thinking skills and increases their desire to learn. Teaching AI to children at a young age can improve their focus and knowledge by providing them with a new perspective on how to view the world. Artificial Intelligence is not just a thing of the future, it is already a reality.

Web development:

Kids can learn how to design websites, add content, and polish them with the help of web development. This is a skill that will teach children how to express themselves creatively through technology. A child can benefit from learning web development at a young age. Understanding how the web works will be an essential core skill for most careers, not just in school.

Game development:

This is an important skill to learn because it strengthens problem-solving skills, teamwork abilities, and potential skills such as logical reasoning and design thinking.

These skills not only prepare children for future jobs, but also provide them with a significant advantage throughout their educational and professional career. Technology is deeply fixed in our daily lives and will continue to do so. Kids can better understand the world around them and how it works by participating in game development, robotics. AI amongst others.

As the world becomes more tech-oriented, these skills will become increasingly important. They will help children gain a valuable understanding of technology, its many benefits and applications before they head off into the working world. The opportunities in tech seem endless, especially for children and young teens who are just now being exposed to coding and programming.

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